We’ve been greenlit! Lots of exciting plans for this that you’ll be hearing more about shortly. We’re going to try and be good about actually keeping people updated with devlogs and stuff now, promise!

New Valorware Website….!

Coming in late September/Early October! This time, professionally designed!

iOS Freeze

Some players have complained about the game freezing due to various causes. We’ve been looking into this problem for a bit now, and couldn’t really find any solid evidence for what might be the underlying cause. However, in two cases so far, we’ve found that this has been fixed by uninstalling the game, restarting the device, and reinstalling it. I think it was simply caused by a corrupted install, based on the rarity of the report. and the inconclusiveness of searching for a bug that causes it. Let us know if you have this problem and if this fix works for you!

Going Official

"Congratulations on successfully forming the following Virginia company:

Company Name:
Valorware LLC”

Watch out Bioware, Bethesda, etc!

IndieGala Android version updated to 1.60

For those of you who purchased 9th Dawn through Indie Gala, we have now uploaded 1.60 on there; sorry for the delay! Simply download the latest file from your account and install it over the old one.


Some reviews have been coming in for 9th Dawn from various sites. We feel that perhaps they were nicer than the game deserves, but we aren’t complaining! Thanks for the thoughtful comments and constructive criticism! Below are some of the sites that have taken a look at 9th Dawn:

Hardcore Android:

Touch Arcade:


The App Shack:

And many more. We will be looking into improving 9th Dawn over the next month or two with some UI improvements and performance improvements (with possibly a touch of content!), so hopefully you can give it another look then to see how we have built on the constructive criticism!

Charles C

Patch 1.60! At last!

It’s been a while, but we finally have a new patch for you guys (and we skipped a few minor revision numbers, but that’s ok)! Below are some of the key changes that were made:

  • The bug which made the interaction button not appear for containers (chests, barrels, etc) has been fixed.
  • The range for the interaction button has been increased to reach NPCs behind counters.
  • A gamma slider was added so that you can try to adjust the brightness of the game if it appears too dark on your device.
  • An option was added for turning Line of Sight / Shadows on or off.
  • The requirement of needing to beat the Shade of Maltyr quest to use the boats to the islands was removed to make the game slightly less linear and allow you to travel there freely.
  • A serious bug was fixed where changing maps with a status affliction from a monster would crash your character continuously.
  • The “hi-res GUI’ option was reworded as “Lo-res UI” to more accurately represent what the option was intended to mean (unchecking it makes your UI bigger to scale better with hi-res devices).
  • A command was added for stat redistribution. Use: resetattributes
  • The quest log was updated with proper entries for Jinko and Fleck’s quests.
  • Some other minor changes and stuff I can’t remember…
  • Still don’t know why you can walk through some walls….

Let us know how things are for you! We have an experimental performance update in the works which should GREATLY increase the framerate for all devices and eliminate most of the stutter/lag that you experience when in crowded areas like Agaria or dungeons with tons of monsters/projectiles/magic spells going on.

As always, feel free to e-mail us at support@valorware.com or join us on the forums! The patch should be live on Google Play in a few hours, so give it some time. The iOS build is currently going through review, so it will take a bit longer.

Charles C

9th Dawn is now Available on iOS and the Samsung App Store!

At long last, we have finally launched on iOS! In addition, the Android version of the game is now available on the Samsung app store and will also soon be available on Amazon’s app store as well.

Get 9th Dawn on iOS here!

In addition, we also FINALLY have a new set of websites!

The main Valorware page has been set up with a Wordpress so that we can easily publish content relating to our development. 9th Dawn now has its own page and dedicated pages for news/patches and can be found here:


Now it is time to get back to working on the overdue patch; it is almost ready!


One more slight delay

I’m pushing back the patch just another day or so. I want to make some changes to the quest lines to make the game less linear and more open world, such as changing the requirements for taking the ships and a couple other things. With this, you won’t need to worry about completing the main quest (which is a bit secretive anyway) to go to the expansion islands, which is something I got a few complaints about. I’m also going to fix the double omniclass unlock (once from Jinko and once from the final boss, which causes a crash, I think). Thanks for your patience!

Slight delay on what was to be yesterday’s patch

Was just about to upload the latest apk when I realized that I had forgotten to change some settings in the code back to “game mode” instead of “dev mode”. At work now, but will make the fixes and upload it later tonight!


Got some good news for everybody today! First, after a good period of reviews and back and forth with Marmalade and Apple, 9th Dawn is finally coming to the App Store for iOS with a prospective release date of June 6th. Additionally, 9th Dawn will also become available on the Samsung app store and the Amazon app store. Still working on the Nook and Blackberry versions. We will also be making the PC version available on our website sometime around then as well (the map editor is going to be released a bit later for free as a standalone).

Now for some actual update news relating to the game. After a long time of wondering how we can possibly fix some of the performance issues with 9th Dawn, we finally think we found a straightforward way to eliminate the nasty lag spikes that occur when you are in fights with lots of monsters or walking through busy areas like towns (especially Agaria). We are planning on releasing a patch this weekend with some bugfixes, but I can’t guarantee whether or not the performance patch will be a part of it yet. I am still working on implementing it and it will require some testing before we put it out there.

After the FPS issue is resolved, I’ll start taking a look at the RAM issues and see if we can’t lower the RAM requirement a bit to open the game up to some more devices.

Once this is done, we will once again look at the multi-language patch and starting work on the translations. If you offered to help with this for your particular language and are still interested, please send me an e-mail again to remind me and I’ll add everybody to a list and post an update to show what we’ve got and what we are missing.

Charles C.


Hey all,

We’ve been working on some bugfixes and have a new to-do list going on the forum. It would be great if you could check it out and help remind us of things that you would like added to this list (preferably bugs and undesirables for now, but feel free to post wish lists too!) Just look at the pinned threads in the “Development” section.

Fixing the current buglist will be the first step in the next patch series; some weird bugs have already been found and fixed, like the interaction button not working properly for containers and the strange merchant crashing your game if you click on his corpse after he explodes. Tonight’s main inquiry is going to be looking at that terribly strange bug where some walls don’t have any collision or line of sight processing, despite not having a crack on them.

Hopefully these and other fixes/improvements will be coming soon in 1.53! (I think that’s what number we are on anyway?)

Thanks and cheers,


Some things to look forward to…

Hey everyone. Just thought I’d drop this off…. :D




Feel free to contribute and remind me of what sorts of things need fixing!

Valorware Update

Hey everybody, I know it’s been a while. Just wanted to give you guys an update on what’s going on lately with Valorware and 9th Dawn.

As you may have read on our forums, our team has undergone some changes, which has had some significant impacts on our development plans. The main thing to note is that some of updates we had planned for 9th Dawn probably won’t be happening any time soon simply due to a lack of manpower and time. Unfortunately, this includes the translation patches as well.

9th Dawn is currently going through a QA pipeline for iOS, however, and will probably also be making it over to Blackberry’s RIM, if possible. We have a PC build put together as well which we are about to release for the same price as the mobile game. Though it doesn’t have the random dungeon mode that I mentioned on our Greenlight campaign, it does have the map editor and easily accessible character files, which will allow you to mess around with your game and saves however you please. These files are also in the exact same format as the mobile files, so you could transfer them over to your phone or tablet (if it is rooted).

Looking beyond 9th Dawn, a new small team is being put together for work on Valorware’s next game: Black Frontier.

Black Frontier is going to be a space exploration/trading/dungeon crawling game where you will have your own character, can recruit a crew, explore an infinite (or near infinite) procedurally generated universe, build a fleet, establish trade routes, explore uncharted planets and mine them for resources or delve into ancient ruins with your crew, scavenge ships, asteroids, and colonies (alien or human!) drifting about in space, fight pirates, and much more. The initial target platforms are Android, iOS, and Blackberry, but if it turns out to be successful enough, there will be no problems getting it to the PC.

A good portion of the game will be menu driven, such as management of fleets, ships, crews, trading, mining, and other such activities, while space exploration, dungeon diving, and combat will happen in their own game modes with RPG elements. None of the details are written in stone yet, and development is in its planning and writing-of-core-engine-components stages, so there is not much more we can say for now, but we will be keeping you updated as always with news on this project.

One more little tidbit that you might like to know, however, is that the plan is to first develop the single player version of the game, and then add in multiplayer support based on feedback that will help balance and shape it into a good state for that. If the game is successful, we’ll be able to use the money from sales to purchase a dedicated server or two and allow people to grow their empires to work with or combat other players in a near infinite universe. That is something that will come with time though, maybe a kickstarter campaign for it in the future!

Hopefully, by correcting some of the mistakes that we made with the development of 9th Dawn, we can find solutions to some of the problems 9th Dawn has and fix it up a bit in the future. I’ll be putting together a forum for the new game in the near future to allow for discussions and suggestions for Black Frontier. We would really like to get the community involved in its development process, as we feel that would help to shape it into a truly great game.

Thanks for following us till now, and we hope you stick around and join us for the next leg in our game making journey.

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